Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 – RHPOA

As a resident of Rothwell Heights, you are cordially invited to the AGM on –

DATE:            Wednesday, 19 April at 7:30pm

LOCATION:   Gloucester North Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

GUEST SPEAKER:    Melissa Lansing, Museums & Heritage Programs, City of Ottawa

Melissa contributes to developing museum products and services for the five museums that the City of Ottawa owns and operates (can you think of all 5?). These museums cover over 200 years of Ottawa’s history, from its founding families and early pioneers to the Great Depression and more recent events. This history is presented through exhibitions, demonstrations and family programs. Melissa’s talk will present the five museums and highlight upcoming events and programs planned for 2017.

Also at the AGM, RHPOA Board Members for 2017-18 will be elected or ratified.

Draft minutes of the 2016 AGM . If you attended the AGM last year, would you please review them prior to this year’s meeting, so that any errors and omissions can be quickly identified at the meeting. Thanks!


Q: What are the periodic rumbling sounds?

A: NRC has a major construction project underway – to separate and replace old sewer lines at the north end of the property – requiring contractors to blast to create a wider trench to contain the new pipes. We have been told that the blasting will continue until the end of May.

Nearby neighbours have wondered or filed complaints about the vibration felt at home. The feedback received from NRC is that vibration limits of the blasting are conforming to the City of Ottawa Special Provision (SP) F-1201, and that the contractor (Loiselle) has been informed of resident concerns and will mitigate impacts to the extent possible.