Upcoming Events (Nov-Jan 2016)

Thursday 17 November, 9 AM to 9 PMElection Day

The Ottawa–Vanier by-election has attracted 11 candidates, including a man who legally changed his name to Above Znoneofthe, so that his name could appear at the bottom of the ballot for the “None of the Above” Party.

The complete list of candidates in the Ottawa–Vanier by-election is as follows:

  • Claude Bisson, New Democratic Party of Ontario.
  • Kevin Clarke, The Peoples Political Party.
  • Elizabeth de Viel Castel, Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda.
  • Nathalie Des Rosiers, Ontario Liberal Party.
  • Dean T. Harris, Ontario Libertarian Party.
  • André Marin, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.
  • Stephanie McEvoy, Canadian Constituents’ Party.
  • David McGruer, Freedom Party of Ontario.
  • Raphaël Morin, Green Party of Ontario.
  • John Turmel, Pauper Party of Ontario.
  • Above Znoneofthe, None of the Above Party.

Friday 18 November, 5 PM to 8 PM and Saturday 19 November, 10 AM to 4 PM

The 38th Christmas Craft Show will be held by the Navan Arts and Crafts Group, with over 25 juried Artists and Artisans.  The event Continue reading Upcoming Events (Nov-Jan 2016)