Property Development

Your RHPOA stands ready to assist members in protecting their quality of life and the character of Rothwell Heights.

Recent issues where the RHPOA has represented the interests of the community:

  • none currently

How do residents get information about properties being developed in our area? 

For single family residential developments (design and build or renovations), information becomes available as we see the changes on site.  There is no requirement for City Staff to inform the Community Association of developments of this kind.

For other developments, our Community Association and contiguous neighbours are notified by the City of :

  • Applications for Minor Variance
  • Applications for Severance (but only if combined with a Minor Variance)
  • Applications for Re-Zoning

These Applications require a sign to be posted on site, so that passers-by can see.  For these Applications, there is an opportunity for the public to submit comments within a fixed time period.

When there are developments of this kind, the Community Association notifies residents of the proposed changes, so that they can provide feedback.  Only those people or groups who submit comments during the City’s formal comment period will receive further notice of the development in question.

Are there always public meetings for major development applications?

No, the decision to hold a formal public meeting is made on a case by case basis.

If there is (or is expected to be) a great deal of community concern, a public meeting might (or might not) be held.   That’s why it’s important to contribute your views to local development applications, to show your concerns.

For developments in our area, public meetings have been held for –

  • 741 Blair Road – Application for Re-Zoning.  Public meeting was organized by Councillor Bellemare because of our significant concerns.
  • 1777 Montreal Road – Application for Re-Zoning.  Public meeting was organized by the proponent because of potential for significant neighbourhood concern.

Information is now available at for development applications which are subject to public consultation.  You can search for applications by street, ward, application type and number.

What other information about property development does the Association receive?

The Community Association is sent information concerning review processes and proposed amendments to Ottawa’s Official Plan (OP), the Zoning By-Law and numerous other regulatory and guideline documents that affect development.

We are given opportunity to submit formal comment on the documents, and to make presentations to Committees of Council.  Our Association Executive determine whether comments are necessary (on a case-by-case basis), and prepare submissions based on best understanding at the time.  For example, extensive submission was made on Zoning Bylaw Amalgamation (2006).