Wildlife Sightings

Wildlife sighting reports from our community–

From Delong drive, near the river…

“Last Sunday, April 7 2019, a turkey vulture sat on a branch in my backyard for more than an hour. A crow harassed it for a while but the vulture did not care. A few days before, five vultures were circling over my neighbour’s home at just around 10 m altitude.”


“Enjoyed seeing large flocks of Cedar Waxwings eating crab-apples in Combermere Park.”

-Anonymous (circa April 2017)

Three wild turkeys used to stroll around this area, so we hope the other two are still around.  Saw the fox crossing Whippoorwill and onto our property in the fall, but then ran into the woods.

-Middle Level resident

Mallard ducks come regularly in the Spring

-Middle Level resident (Duck shot taken 19Apr2016, wild turkey shot was 18 Sep2016)

We have enjoyed seeing wilderness living with us. Aside from wild rabbits, and racoons, we have also seen the red fox mentioned by others.

-Upper Level resident

Had a doe and an adolescent male visiting throughout February in the early morning hours. They ate a lot of my shrubs and a good part of a rare tree.

-Briarcliffe resident

And in keeping with the theme of “wild life” and to add to the sightings, we have witnessed first-hand (…in our own backyard ) :

1- Red Fox
2- Wild Turkeys
3- A Fisher  (…yes, it really was a fisher )
4- Deer (several times), including a family of 3 with the Buck, Doe and Fawn all at once

 We also get the usual assortment of raccoons, skunks, wood-peckers, and such.

-Oriole Resident