Update on Neighbourhood Issues with the NRC

An Update Meeting with NRC was held on 2 October, 2018 and was attended by senior NRC staff and Jane Brammer and Maria Barrados. Meeting materials have been posted to our website, here.

NRC’s list of upcoming projects that may impact on us can be found at

Over the last few years, the NRC has been working to address our community’s long-running issues of noise and odours from a variety of sources on the NRC campus.  In November 2009, NRC hosted a community meeting to inform interested residents of efforts being taken and changes made.  In March 2010, NRC hosted a community Open House to present details of their proposed synthetic fuels project, a new activity that will require construction for testing and gas storage facilities.

Most affected residents appreciate the efforts being taken by NRC now to manage their environmental issues with their nearest neighbours.  But challenges remain, as some residents are still finding they cannot open their windows or enjoy the use of their yards at times.

Your Association Executive continues to work with NRC to improve the situation.  The NRC continues to maintain a web site to inform us all of research and maintenance activities on site which may cause noise or odours.  Technical reports on noise and odours are also being made available to us, via email request through the web site.  See

If you have questions about any NRC activities that are disruptive now, contact NRC directly at   If you have an urgent request, call NRC’s hotline (7am to 11 pm) at 1-888-814-9936.

→ Please let your Executive know if you have concerns with NRC’s activities.

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  1. By way of a “sighting”:
    26 march 2012, strong odour of burnt fuel with moderate nw-nnw wind. This is in direct line with the engine test facility.

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